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              Nancy Cirino and Betty Volk                        accepting donation from Union Pacific


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There are so many ways to make a change in this world that it’s difficult to know where to begin.   Even if you have a cause you’re passionate about, like eradicating hunger, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by potential ways you can help. Do you give money or food to the homeless man you walk by on the way to work every day? Do you go and volunteer at your local food bank? Do you start your own organization to help your community? Do you donate money to a national organization? And if you do decide to donate money, how              can you ensure that your contribution is being used as fully as                       possible to help the people you intend it to go to?                    

         The last question, at least, is easily answered.
You can turn to Volunteers for Veterans Foundation

     Chairman ------Larry Volk
Secretary-------Nancy Cirino
Treasure---------Betty Volk

Board Members
Gary Martin
Warren Reeves
Lloyd Schultz
John Czapiewski
Jim St. Pierre  
Mark Martinez
Pat Moreno

        Voluntary Service Office                     We are honored and humbled for opportunity to give back to the men and women who have fought so bravely and selflessly to  protect our country and our freedom.


  Our Mission Statement
The Volunteers for Veterans Foundation (VFVF) provides emergency financial assistance to veterans and active military personal.
Our goal is to provide emergency shelter and crisis management as well as helping families to maintain long term stability and self-sufficiency.
VFVF provides assistance with rent, emergency housing and/or repairs, utilities, food and gas. We provide assistance to all active and retired Veterans and  those who are in transition to civilian life awaiting VA benefits. All funds donated are used to help our 

           veterans and active military personal.                       The Foundation gives in two ways.                      One is support for services at the Loma Linda                Veterans Hospital that will benefit                              the in and out patients.                   
 The remaining funds are used on an as needed basis for veterans referred to the Foundation by the Social Department of the Hospital.